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Quote by Joey Machado

Jackie Maffucci with Dinah (Boxer Mix)

“I had been taking agility classes with another group in Austin for about 8 months when I decided that my dog and I needed a change. That was the best decision I could have made. Training with Becky has been a joy, and her technique is perfect for me and my dog. I discovered that our previous classes had been lacking in:
1) feedback to advise me as to what I was doing to cause my dog to go off-course; and
2) drills to practice various maneuvers that would be helpful in running full courses.
They had introduced full courses before my dog and I had really solidified our ability to run well and communicate as a team, which made practices often frustrating and unsuccessful. Under Becky’s guidance, my dog and I have improved our communication and have really become an excellent team. We’ve begun competing at trials, and have been excelling at many of these courses (and we’ve got the ribbons to prove it). But most importantly, at Pawsitively Dogs, we have a team of support in Becky and all of the students that makes classes and competitions extremely fun and all the more rewarding. As an added bonus, the reason that I signed my dog up for agility classes was simply to improve her self-confidence, as she was a rescue and quite shy when she came to live with me. Agility has been the perfect cure for this, and she is now an outgoing playful, and friendly dog who loves nothing more than to be running an agility course and showing off for the masses. I owe thanks to Becky and Pawsitively Dogs for this.”

Dana Schaetter with Sunny (Whippet/Tervuren)

“Among the words in my dog’s audible vocabulary, the word “agility” is one that makes her ears perk. We both enjoy this team sport, and are always ready for our Tuesday night class. I am grateful for Becky, with her background knowledge and experience, as a trainer and competitor, having had the ambition to offer agility training. She is mild-mannered, insightful and has a positive method of teaching. She has made this experience a lot of fun, and I would recommend agility training, under her instruction, to anyone wishing to interact with their canine companion in a fun and challenging way!”

Sherry Keller with Mayen (Springer Spaniel) and
Hero and Radio (Golden Retrievers)

“I’ve worked with Becky Saltwick over the course of three dogs, each of them with very different needs, and Becky has been fabulous about helping me work with each of them to bring out their very best performance. Becky is knowledgeable, keeps current in training and performance techniques, and really knows how to manage an entire field full of raring-to-go dogs with grace and competence. She has always been a very personable trainer as well, and works closely with each student/dog team to make sure they get the level of support and training that they need to succeed--no matter if “success” means to have fun, to win, or to achieve a personal best.”

Lee Martin with Lacey, Frolic, Cricket, and Zippity (Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers)

“I highly recommend taking classes at Pawsitively Dogs if you’re interested in agility. Whether you just want to have a good time with your dog or you have aspirations to be a serious competitor, Becky Saltwick’s classes are the place to go. Her training methods are positive, and classes are structured to provide a fun and educational experience for both dog and owner.”

Jessie Graham with Coco (Bichon Frise)

We had a rudimentary knowledge of agility when we started classes with Becky Saltwick. My partner, Coco, had a long adolescence that caused unreliable behavior in class. With Becky’s patience and skill as an agility instructor, we were able to develop competition skills. I often felt incompetent but Becky was always cheerful, always encouraging and coaching. As a handler, I have more confidence and Coco enjoys the time spent on the course with the other dogs.

Lori Fennell with Scout (Australian Shepherd)

“I have taken my dog Scout to Pawsitively Dogs agility classes for over a year now. The classes are fun and there is a real sense of community and camaraderie among the students that makes it feel more like a club than a school. Becky is a great instructor who exercises wonderful classroom management and is very supportive of everyone’s individual training needs. One of the things that I value the most about Becky as an instructor is that, in addition to agility, she is well-versed in dog behavior. I wish that this were more common in agility instructors and seminar presenters. It really helps to have an instructor with insight into what your dog’s needs are and how best they can be met in the class environment so that you can be successful in learning agility. All in all, Scout and I are very happy with Pawsitively Dogs. Scout has told me time and time again that it’s really the only place for him!”

Sarah Hammel with Annie (Labrador Retriever)

Becky’s classes are always positive, challenging and FUN. Leading by example she creates a supportive environment for her students and their dogs where teams of all levels are welcome and encouraged. My dog and I participate in agility “just for fun” rather than competition, but Becky treats us no differently than her students that compete regularly. I always look forward to class and my dog Annie wiggles with joy when I get out her agility gear! We’ve been training for almost 2 years with Becky and there’s always something new to learn. I would highly recommend her to anyone new to the sport or seasoned veterans alike.”


Jim Gudenrath with Merlin and Tango (Australian Shepherds)

“Becky is a very experienced teacher, and knows how to conduct effective classes. Each class is positive, active and a step forward for both dog and handler. Merlin and I improve our skills every week, and have a great time doing it!”


Jim and Merlin
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Lee with dog
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