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Please read all the rules and policies
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• Class fees are due on the first class day of the month. You must be current with class fees in order to use the field for practice.

• If you a re going to miss a class and let Becky know beforehand, you will not be charged for the class. A make up class on another day may be available.

• Class curriculum is progressive with each week building on the previous week. Repeated absences may result in removal from current class into a lower level class.

• No excessive barking - please be mindful of your dog’s barking during practice time as well as class time. This includes dogs in crates, dogs in cars and dogs in the potty areas.

• Only dogs currently training with Pawsitively Dogs are permitted on the agility field and equipment.

• The agility equipment is for dogs only – children and adults are not allowed to play, stand or sit on equipment.

• If another dog is on the field when you arrive to practice, you may ask to share the field. Some dogs work better by themselves and each dog is allowed 20 minutes of private practice on the field.

• Practice time should be used to reinforce what we have been working on in class – not to introduce something new to your dog. Finish your practice session when your dog has been successful and is still happy and wanting to work.

• The equipment is set up in specific locations for classes. If you move anything, be sure to return it to its original position.

• Please keep dogs on leash while walking from the parking area to the agility field.

• Chutes: Tuck fabric portion into barrel, cover.

• Tunnels: Put in wheelbarrows and tightly cover. Put tunnel holders in upright position next to wheelbarrow.

• Food is not allowed in the tunnels or chutes.

• If you should accidently damage the equipment or notice a problem with a piece of equipment, please notify Becky as soon as possible.

• Please clean up after your dog and dispose of waste in the trash cans located by the potty areas. Please do not allow your dog to eliminate on the agility field or equipment. If this should accidently happen, please rinse the spot with Natures Miracle.

• Handlers should wear athletic type shoes with some traction while training. Flip flops or other loose fitting shoes are not allowed.

• Prong collars, choke chains and electronic collars are not allowed on the training field. Head halters are also not safe to use around agility equipment.

• Unsportsmanlike conduct or rough handling is not permitted.

• Dogs may not interfere with another dogs' safety or ability to participate in class.  The instructor reserves the right to remove any such dog from the classes for the safety and protection of others.

• When you use the field for practice, please be sure all gates are closed when you leave.

If everyone obeys the rules... everyone has fun.